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Avoid These Foods At All Costs If You Have Celiac Disease

Foods To Avoid If You Have Celiac Disease

I really wish that guidelines for how to avoid gluten was just a simple matter of telling you that you need to stop eating rye, barley and wheat flour. Although that is part of what needs to be done, it is still a lot more complicated than just that. There are numerous sources of gluten that are hidden, and also some natural gluten-free foods that might be cross-contaminated with gluten.

Celiac Disease List of Foods To AvoidThe following are lists of additives, ingredients and foods to avoids. Make sure that you carefully study this list and refer to it frequently. You will eventually know all of these foods by heart.

Common Foods Containing Gluten

Wheat (along with anything that has the word wheat in it, like wheat flours, wheat bran, wheat starch, wheat germ, wheat berries and wheat grass; the only exception is buckwheat, which is fine)

  • Teriyaki sauce (check the ingredients – that are some with wheat)
  • Soy sauce (check the ingredients – there are some with wheat)
  • Rye (as well as anything that has the word rye in it)
  • Pasta (all varieties that are made from rye, barley, wheat starch, wheat or any of the other ingredients that are on this list)
  • Matzo (made out of wheat)
  • Malt (and anything having the word malt in it, like malt flavoring, malt extract or rice malt)
  • Blue cheese (sometimes is made out of bread mold)
  • Barley (along with anything that has the word barley in it, like barley malt)

Foods Additives And Less Common Foods Containing Gluten

  • Whole-meal flour
  • Udon (wheat noodles)
  • Abyssinian hard (wheat product)

Food Additives and Foods That Might Contain Gluten

If one of the following ingredients is contained in a favorite food and the label doesn’t say “gluten-free” on it, then get in touch with the company to ask questions. Depending on what their manufacturing process is, those questionable ingredients might be gluten-free at times.

  • Seasonings (including dustings and powdered flavorings on rice cakes, rice mixes, popcorn, nuts and chips)
  • Processed meats (canned meats, sausages, hot dogs and cold cuts containing stabilizers, gluten fillers, oats, rye, barley and wheat)
  • Processed cheese (check for ingredients)
  • Oats (look for gluten-free specifically)
  • Mustard powder (check ingredients; some brands might contain gluten)
  • Ground spices (sometimes wheat is added for preventing clumping)
  • Food out of grocery store bulk bins
  • Dried fruit (might be dusted with wheat)
  • Artificial color

Gluten-Free Shopping List – Brand Name Healthy Choices

It isn’t as challenging to shop for gluten-free food as it once was, thanks to the numerous celiac-safe products that are available now at stores. The following are some of my top favorites.

With the increased awareness regarding celiac disease also known as celiac sprue as well as other gluten-related conditions these days, there are now numerous healthy gluten-free products that are available in mainstream grocery stores (ten years ago it was a completely different story). The following are a collection of whole-grain, healthy staples for putting into your shopping cart

Grocery List for Celiac Disease

To control celiac disease, it is more about eliminating the foods that you shouldn’t eat instead of the foods you should eat. The foods on the list are thought to be safe for individuals with celiac. You need to check labels carefully on all foods that have an asterisk (*) because ingredients may vary from one brand to the next.

There is gluten contained in a majority of popular grains. That is why trying out safe, new whole grains is very important. You also need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to ensure that you are getting a wide assortment of naturally occurring antioxidants, fiber, minerals and vitamins. I have listed ingredients and additives that are believed to be safe towards the end of this grocery list.

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List of Delicious, Naturally Gluten Free Food At Mcdonald’s

Believe it or not, eating gluten free food at McDonald’s is far simpler than at any other fast food chain restaurants. This is great news if you have symptoms of gluten sensitivity as an adult. This is because the product ingredients and nutritional information of McDonald’s food are more accessible and their production methods are more standardized; therefore, making them the safer fast food option. If you find yourself in need of a quick meal when out of your element, the gluten-free options at McDonald’s will ensure that your experience is enjoyable and stress-free.

Knowing The Ingredients

McDonalds Gluten Free FoodRecently, McDonald’s published a list of their many gluten-free options allowing consumers to conveniently assess the different menu items suitable for their particular needs. Unfortunately, due to the preparation techniques and ingredients being subject to constant change, the fast food restaurant found this to be an impractical solution. As a resolution, the franchise now posts all the menu ingredients on the company website including the potential allergens associated with the ingredients at the end of the gluten-free ingredient list.

For example, if you are considering ordering the chicken breast strips as a meal, it is possible to review the ingredients list to identify whether or not the item includes wheat as an ingredient. While this method can be a time-consuming one for consumers, it is a more accurate alternative and will allow the consumer to make more informed choices when purchasing meals.

Consuming Gluten-Free Options At McDonald’s

There are various types of gluten-free menu meal options available to eat at McDonald’s. Taking this into account, you can be confident that stating your needs when ordering will result in a gluten-free meal. The staff is trained to meet all dietary requirements and respond accurately to all concerns regarding food ingredients and preparation methods.

The Breakfast Options

There are various options available for breakfast at McDonald’s, provided the meals are ordered ‘a la carte’ and not in conjunction with other meal ingredients. The breakfast options include:

  • Scrambled eggs. Ordering the eggs separately and not as a part of the egg and sausage blend will ensure that the eggs are prepared using the whole egg without preservatives.
  • Breakfast steak. The breakfast steak is prepared using salt, beef, and certain preservatives.
  • Sausage patties. Sausage patties are prepared using pork, water, and a seasoning including different gluten-free ingredients.

The Salad Options

One of the best methods to use as a gluten-free meal option is the McDonald’s salad. All of the McDonald’s salad preparations begin with a vegetable salad, which is free of gluten and wheat. The different salad options include:

  • The Premium Southwest Salad. This salad can be ordered without tortilla strips and set alongside the dressing. The dressing is gluten-free because it contains modified food starch with maltodextrin.
  • The Premium Bacon Ranch Salad. The ranch dressing on this salad is a gluten-free alternative; however, it needs to ordered without any croutons or chicken pieces to be gluten-free.
  • The Premium Caesar Salad. To be considered gluten-free, the Premium Caesar Salad must be ordered without dressing or croutons.
  • The Side Salad. This salad is one of the plain salads and prepared using a blend of gluten-free vegetables.

As can be seen, the gluten-free salad options require that you order the salad without any chicken, croutons or traditional dressing. Instead, it is possible to use the Newman’s Own Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette as a gluten-free dressing alternative.

The Dessert And Snacks Options

McDonald’s also presents with various snacks and desserts that are gluten-free, and these include the following.

  • Apples with a caramel dip. This dessert is completely gluten-free and includes sliced apples that are dipped in caramel sauce.
  • Sundaes. All aspects of a traditional sundae including the ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream; however, it is advised that you avoid any additional toppings such as Oreo’s or M&M’s.
  • The Triple Thick Shake. All flavors of the triple thick shake are completely gluten-free.
  • The reduced fat vanilla ice cream. A vanilla ice cream treat, served in a cup, is one of McDonald’s most popular option and unlikely to include gluten unless it is in contact with other foods that contain gluten.
  • Smoothies. All McDonald’s smoothie flavors, including the yogurt-blend smoothie, are completely void of gluten.

The Beverage Options

Almost all drinks available are gluten-free, including the options of milk, soda, coffee, juice and other specialty coffee drinks.

The French Fry Controversy

In the early 2000s, McDonald’s was listed as one of the fast food chains that produced has browns and French fries filled with gluten-filled ingredients. In February of 2006, the company stated that while the allegations were correct as there was a flavoring agent utilized in the deep frying oil that contained wheat and milk ingredients. Since the ‘French Fry Controversy,’ McDonald’s has altered this and now lists fries as containing wheat ingredients on official websites.

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